My sessions are conducted at a relaxed pace and are a collaboration between both of us. This allows for your personal expressions and involvement throughout the session.

I offer sessions for headshots and portraits on location in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest. I’d also be happy to plan a unique session with you, if you have another location in mind. Please contact me, so we can discuss the details.

Headshots & Portraits: What’s the Difference?


A headshot is a professional representation of you, typically shot from the chest up. These photos are generally taken with you seated in front of a nondescript background.

The goal of a headshot is to set yourself apart from the crowd. Headshots are used to demonstrate to current and potential career prospects, that you are committed to conducting yourself in a professional manner.


A portrait is a personal expression that represents who you really are. Portraits can include posed shots, as well as action shots.

These sessions are conducted on location, to represent your unique personality. Ideally, a blend of natural and artificial lights will be used to achieve the best images possible.